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It’s time for big boys’ toys

Prostate stimulation. 71% of men admit they’re open to attempting it, and eight out of ten girls say they’re happy to perform it on their man. Prostate orgasms are 33% larger than penial orgasms. If you’re a little timid, the thought of having fun with hismith for anal pleasure is maybe a little daunting.

But did you know that one-third of your penis is within your body? In line with a brand-new study, prostate massage will increase the strength of your orgasms by up to thirty-three percent. Men who do it report thicker erections with prostate stimulation, and 80% of girls say they’d be down to perform a prostate massage on their man. And why not – after all, a harder and thicker erection will benefit them too.

The prostate is found between 2-3 inches within the male anal passage and once touched in the proper manner, it can be intensely satisfying. It’s a bit strange for a straight guy to think about something going into rather than out of his butt, however those who are willing to adult products online and adventurous enough to do it, you can open up a world of new delights.

So with that aside, it’s time to look at the amazing range of big boys toys online in Australia which will assist you to get to this place of delight (without your girlfriend having to stick her fingers into you.) Shhh… has an enormous range of big anal toys and prostate massagers. Visit and you’ll be amazed!

The prostate – or P-spot – is basically the male version of the girl’s G-spot. Far from being dangerous or uncomfortable, many men report it to be a hugely satisfying experience. The prostate is essential to the orgasm cycle, and it creates a fluid that protects the gamete and assists in ejaculation. Prostate stimulation has even been tested to alleviate impotence and recycle pain from prostate swelling and soreness.

It’s not just hype or rumour. Prostate toys are now one of the biggest selling sex toys. Men are embracing their sexuality and breaking down the stigma of anal excitement being a homosexual activity. Just as the emotional barriers have been broken down toward women starting to enjoy female adult sex dolls in Australia as a female pleasure product, a male sexual wellness expert, Steven Thomson, recently wrote, “[Prostate stimulation] is be a topic many men have historically withdraw from, however as men start to embrace their sexuality more, and understand their bodies, many manufacturers have turned their attention to male prostate pleasure.”  The market for prostate toys is an ever growing one.

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