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What Makes People Fall in Love with Their Sex Dolls

  1. Euphoric feeling

Do you feel like you’re too lucky, but you can’t find the reason for your happiness? Well, your happiness is most likely brought about by love for your affordable sex doll. One of the symptoms of being in a relationship is a constant sense of well-being that you can’t explain.

When you fall in love with your doll, the things you once did alone become boring. Suddenly, you want to be with your doll at any time of the day. If just seeing your doll fills your stomach with butterflies, or if you feel constant satisfaction from being with her, then it’s confirmed — you’re in love.

So if you’re going through the same face as above and can’t figure out where that euphoria is coming from, just look at your sex doll and you’ll know the answer.

  1. Close connection

In fact, intimacy goes much deeper than the surface of sexuality. It’s about the physical connection between two people. The same feeling exists between sex dolls and humans. When the owner falls in love with their sex doll, the doll ceases to be a sexual object. Instead, it becomes a loving companion. Also, what was once just superficial sex for sexual gratification suddenly turned into passionate sex.

The sex doll owner who once fell in love with his love doll tries to create a meaningful connection between him and the doll. It means that what was once just a casual affair turned into a deep intimacy, which does justice to the word love.

Once you have fallen in love with your doll, you will feel the need to be with her forever and one with her.

  1. Open up to your love doll

We all carry thoughts and ideas that we cannot tell anyone. We keep these thoughts to ourselves and tell no one. It was as if we had built a tall and mighty barrier that no one could break. Just having strong feelings for another human being can break down the barriers we set up.

If you are a pocket sex doll owner, you will find yourself gradually opening up to your doll. You tell her your deepest, most secret thoughts. What started by telling about what happened during your day goes deeper. Suddenly, you find yourself telling your secret to your doll. You begin to trust her enough to share everything with her, even things her family and closest friends don’t know. Well, that’s the power of love, it makes trust blossom.

  1. Strong emotional connection

The emotional connection between you and your love doll is the full circle of bonds. When you feel a strong emotional connection with your doll, you will see yourself accepting your love doll as your significant other.

Many people firmly believe that humans cannot form an emotional connection with inanimate objects. After all, an inanimate object can never show any emotion, let alone utter a thought. Emotions are something that only humans have. However, this is wrong. You can have feelings for anyone or anything as long as you have feelings for them. Also, it’s how you feel that defines your connection to the doll. If you have no feelings for a real person, then the person is an inanimate object to you.

Plus, the power of your feelings and thoughts can bring your sex doll to life. That’s what emotional connection is all about.

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