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A-Z of terms to use when you book an escort

The escort industry is full of terms that may sound unusual to the uninitiated. But if you are looking to hire an escort it is best to have an understanding of some of the basic terms so that you know what to ask for and can avoid any unwanted situations.

For people with sex worker jobs in Newcastle, it also makes it a lot easier for them when the client knows exactly what they want and how to ask for it.

So, here is a list of some of the key terms you may want to be aware of when booking an escort or visiting our gentlemens club.


Anal play: This can either involve internal or external play, often with the finger or tongue. Internally, it can involve the penis, tongue, a sex toy, finger or something similar.

Anal sex: AKA “Greek”, this includes penitration of the anus by a penis.


BJ: Blow job – a man receives oral sex.

BBW: “Big beautiful women”. Curvy, voluptuous escorts or are typically size 18 and over.

BDSM: “Bondage, discipline dominance, submission, sadomasochism. This service is reserved for escorts who have been properly trained in BDSM. Clients, anywhere they book or visit, should be utilised by the services of a properly trained BDSM expert. Otherwise, permanent scarring can occur.


CIM: Cum in mouth – the male ejaculates in the mouth.

Couples: An escort who performs their services with couples.


DATY: “Dining at the y” – where the male performs oral sex on their escort.

Doubles: The male has a threesome with two escorts. The escorts may be bisexual or not and it is important to specifcy whether you would like them to be.


Facial: Ejaculating on your escort’s face, or having the escort “squirt” on your face while you perform oral sex on her.

Full service: Where your escort provides both vaginal penetration and oral sex. However, if you would like to try anal sex, please request it at reception as not all escorts offer this service.


GFE: Girlfriend experience. This is a more personal, intimate experience offered by some escorts, where you experience what it’s like to have a girlfriend – but with your escort!

MFF: “Male Female Female”. The man has sex with two female escorts.

MMF: “Male Male Female”. Two men have sex with one escort.

Mutual Masturbation: You and your escort masturbate each other.

Mutual French: AKA “69” – you and your escort perform oral sex on one another.


Natural bush: Your escort has unshaven pubic hair.


Overnight: Your escort stays with you for the whole night.

PSE: “Porn Star Experience” – you get to experience what typically occurs in a porn video, something many clients don’t get to experience in committed relationships.


RPG: “Role Play Games” – you and your escort act out scenes in different roles e.g. criminal scene.


Snowballing: Transferring cum from one mouth to another.

Spanish: When you rub your penis between your escort’s breasts. Certain escorts may allow you to finish in this position.

Spanking: Lightly slapping the bum for pleasure. This is not a part of BDSM.

Strapon: When the escort stimulates the male anus with a strap on the penis.


Tea bagging: When the male places their testicles in the escort’s mouth.

Trombone: When the man has his anus pleasured by tongue whilst having his penis masturbated.

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